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This blog – as its name will tell you – is about current happenings in Sahyadri School. We wish to share with all parents of the school, and all our former students, news concerning events that are taking place in the term: News about assemblies and plays put up; about workshops that have been offered; about activities in the arts and crafts section, the Origami section and the tinker shed; about nature walks and the tantalising discoveries often made during these walks; about talks given by teachers and visitors; about the weekend films screened; and many more things besides. It is our way of reaching out to all those who are connected with us. We hope that it will give you a peek into the life at Sahyadri, into the fun things that are happening on campus and also the many challenges we face. Do please write back to us telling us what you feel about the blog!

– Shailesh Shirali

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