It was a Saturday…

It was a Saturday , Sreehitha and I saw a poster for REPORTERS (a club at school). We decided to take part and chose WEATHER as our topic. We talked to our teachers about the weather and Sudesh sir advised us to check the weather data from the Automatic Weather Station (AWS) which is installed outside Kaveri. This Automatic Weather Station is owned by the IMD. IMD is an organization for monitoring weather in India. IMD’s full form is Indian Meteorological Department. Sudesh sir taught us how to collect the data from the weather station. It was very fascinating for us when Sudesh sir was teaching us because it was the first time we had seen how it works. We were very thankful because we had got an opportunity to learn how to collect data from an AWS. After 2-3 days, when we got used to it, Sudesh sir gave us the key and told us that we could come everyday to collect data. This was a very big responsibility for us because if we lost the key, we would be in big trouble. We went to the AWS to collect data everyday by ourselves and Arun sir used to accompany us sometimes when he was free.

This is some of the data we collected:

3rd July

Temperature: 22.8


Humidity: 92.2%

4th July

Temperature – 23.7

Rainfall -0.00 mm

Humidity -93.0%

8th July



Rainfall 1hr-0.5mm

10th July


Rainfall -22.0mm

Rainfall 1hr -0.0mm

Humidity -99.2%

We were planning to display the data everyday for the whole school to see but the WEATHER STATION did not collect data sometimes. We brought this up with Shirali sir and came up with the idea of setting up a manual weather station for our school. A weather station is a set of instruments which helps in measuring the rainfall ,wind direction and speed, temperature etc., We also came to know that the AWS was supposed to automatically send data to IMD but it did not do this because when we checked on the IMD website there was no data from our school’s AWS. It looks like our AWS needs to be fixed. We would like to continue collecting data when our school gets its own weather station. It was a very memorable experience and we also had a lot of fun.


Ananya Sondhi

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